At Bryan Counseling we often refer to ourselves as "story holders."  We feel grateful and humbled that we are able to bear witness to the "untold stories" in the lives of our clients.   Daily we witness a release from agony, or sometimes just a relief from isolation or aloneness, as someone is finally able to speak things that have been left untold at times for decades.  We believe in the power and necessity of having a witness on life's journey.  Oftentimes healing cannot happen without the "other" for we cannot completely see "our own faces."  We believe that there are parts of who we are, how we relate, and how we are experienced by others that will always remain partially hidden to ourselves. 

We believe that the presence of another invites us to a level of revelation that we cannot experience on our own.  In other words, I know myself more as I am known and seen by another.  As therapists, we would be honored to walk with you during this part of your journey.  In the safe and confidential space of therapy, we have seen many lives transformed and hearts are made free as they are unburdened, seen and courageously known.

At Bryan Counseling we offer individual, marital and family therapy. For a list of our specializations, and to learn more about our theoretical approaches, check out our bios.  We understand that who you choose to tell your story to is extremely important.  We would like to make this process as easy and comfortable as possible for you.